This page enlists the international e-infrastructures in which the IFCA Advanced Computing and e-Science group is participating.

EGI Foundation

The EGI Foundation (also known as coordinates the EGI infrastructure on behalf of the participants of the EGI Council.

The EGI Foundation is not-for-profit and was established in Amsterdam in 2010 under Dutch law. The foundation is led by Tiziana Ferrari (Managing Director) and is governed by the EGI Council. Day-to-day operations are supervised by the Executive Board.


IBERGRID was created under the agreement of Scientific and Technological cooperation signed by Spain and Portugal in 2003, and the collaboration agreements signed in 2005 in terms of Grid Technologies and Communication Networks for R & D. In 2006 a joint Hispanic-Portuguese Commission was set up, whose mission is to coordinate the e-Infrastructures of the two countries (link to the document of the Hispano-Portuguese Summit 2006 in Badajoz).