EGI Foundation

The EGI Foundation (also known as coordinates the EGI infrastructure on behalf of the participants of the EGI Council.

The EGI Foundation is not-for-profit and was established in Amsterdam in 2010 under Dutch law. The foundation is led by Tiziana Ferrari (Managing Director) and is governed by the EGI Council. Day-to-day operations are supervised by the Executive Board.

The mission of is delivering open solutions for advanced computing and data analytics in research and innovation.

The EGI Foundation is steered by the EGI Council, the main governing body of the federation. More information about the EGI Council.

In Spain it is CSIC the institution responsible for EGI, in particular the activities of the EGI Federation are coordinated from IFCA.

The participation in EGI is coordianted at the Iberian level in the framework of the IBERGRID initiative (

EGI Federation

The EGI Federation is an international e-Infrastructure set up to provide advanced computing and data analytics services for research and innovation. The EGI e-infrastructure is publicly-funded and comprises hundreds of data centres and cloud providers spread across Europe and worldwide.

The EGI Federation offers a wide range of services for compute, storage, data and support. More about EGI Services.

The EGI Federation provides access to +1,000,000 computing cores and +740 PB of disk and tape storage. More about the federation.
What is the federation for? Use cases and research stories.