Efficient QCD+QED Simulations with openQ*D software

This project will speed-up the generation of gauge configurations in the simultaneous simulations of quantum electrodynamics (QED, quantum field theory of electromagnetism) and quantum Chromodynamics (QCD, theory of strong interaction) with the open-source openQ*D-1.0 code [2], which will later be used to explore a variety of observables relevant for new physics searches us- ing the European pre-Exascale supercomputers, such as Large Unified Modern Infrastructure (LUMI) in Kajaani, Finland and the next generation CSCS systems. The aimed acceleration will be achieved by optimizing relevant modules of the openQ*D-1.0 code for GPU-accelerated supercomputing platforms, with a particular focus on enabling support for GPUs (and potentially FPGAs) from various vendors.


01/07/2021 → 30/06/2024